Code of Conduct

The Nommers, as an aggregator and community, is dedicated to operating and developing business in a sustainable and responsible manner, while at the same time adding value to people’s lives. With this aim in mind, we strive to source our Sellers who ensure safe and quality products, for our Platform.

For this purpose alone, The Nommers has implemented “The Nommers - Code of Conduct”. We expect our Sellers to comply with the requirements set out in “Our Responsibility Section”, including environmental, social and human rights aspects.

Our Responsibility
  • Sellers associated with food, must be registered with the FSSAI as a Food Business Operator (FBO). We will support our Sellers in getting their Licenses

  • Sellers are required to adhere to the highest hygiene standards in the production and packaging of their goods. The Seller must ensure a clean and sanitized working environment to safeguard the health of our consumers.

  • The ingredients used in the food should be of good quality. Ingredients that are expired, stale, rancid, rot, spoiled, amongst others should be avoided for use in the food prepared by the Sellers.

  • Employment of children in any form by Sellers is strictly prohibited. Sellers should only employ those who are at least 18 years of age. All applicable laws relating to child labour including employment, wages, working hours, overtime and working conditions shall be complied with.

  • The Seller must be punctual while preparing the food and handing it over to the logistics partner for a timely delivery. The food must be prepared in a timely fashion and be packaged by the time of pickup so that there is no delay in the food reaching the customer. The Sellers are given enough time for the food preparation to ensure that the food is delivered to the customers within the committed timeframe

  • Sellers are liable to inform The Nommers regarding any leave of absence so that their profile may be deactivated till such time as their return, in order to avoid inconvenience to our customers.

  • To ensure a smooth functioning of the marketplace and ease of use for the customer, the Sellers menu must be updated with prices, dishes and availability on a regular basis.