The Secret Sauce

We Are

The Connectors

Early on in our journey, we discovered and experienced firsthand, the intricate ecosystem of Food Explorers, Food Sorcerers and TasteMakers.

Right then, we knew — this is the secret sauce!

This entire subculture that exists to celebrate great food also needs to be nurtured and allowed the freedom to grow.

The connections need to be strengthened, the processes need to be smoother, cross-talk must increase, and the sense of community needs to be highlighted.

So, that’s what we’re doing.

And like every great community, there is something in it for everyone.

Breaking Bread,



Above & Beyond

At The Nommers, we believe in the power of a plateful of food.

A meal can mean a lot of different things to different people - physically, emotionally and culturally.

We believe access to healthy, nutritous food is a human right, and sharing our resources to feed someone who would otherwise go hungry is our civic duty — which is why we’ve aligned with institutions who share our passion and purpose of giving back.