16th September, 2021

What It Means To Think Global and Shop Local

According to studies, Low Battery Anxiety is a feeling of panic and stress that sets in when your phone’s battery is about to die. At such times, we alter our lives to function on our phones’ terms rather than our own. We change plans, make pit-stops at places we know will have chargers and do just about everything we can to help our phones get back on their feet.
Just like our phones, our planet too is quickly being drained of resources. And unfortunately, this is the kind of problem that can’t just be fixed with the flick of a switch.  But despite the stakes being much much higher, the fate of our planet is something that is largely ignored in our everyday lives. 
We don’t have to be perfect environmentalists, and give up all worldly pleasures to make a difference. However, each of us needs to alter our lifestyles and thinking patterns in some small way, to help our planet (and ourselves!). It is when these new, sustainable thinking  patterns become commonplace and instinctive that we will be able to make the biggest impact.
Think Global, Shop Local is a mindset that encourages consumers, and businesses to do precisely that. This mindset is gaining popularity in the food and beverage community, and is an important part of the Sustainable Food Movement. 

What is “Think Global. Shop Local”?

Simply put, Think Global, Shop Local means shopping from local vendors, stores and suppliers in order to minimize the negative global environmental impact.  By choosing to shop from local suppliers, we can reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the preservation and wellbeing of the planet. Fewer imports make for less negative impacts of transportation from long distances, with lower gas emissions and it also means your food is grown close to home making it much fresher, and tastier.
It also impacts the nutritional value of the food. A study conducted by Penn State food scientists showed that Spinach loses much of it’s nutrient compounds after eight days of being picked.
   “If the spinach is coming from the other side of the country, then the produce might be kept at a warm temperature in a shipping truck for an extended period of time. By the time the spinach reaches the dinner table, much of the nutrient content might already be gone” noted the Penn State researcher.
When produce is shipped across long distances, factors such as air quality, artificial lighting and temperature changes during transport can lower foods’ nutritional value. 
Not to mention, shopping locally also helps boost the local economy.  Studies have shown that shopping from local businesses generates $68 of economic contribution for every $100 spent. However, spending the same amount at a non-local business (like a big-box retail/national chain) only generates $43.
  Small businesses create stability in the community by hiring workers locally, they also help cultivate meaningful long-term relationships with customers. A small business owner is also likely to support other local vendors themselves. 
On the whole, small businesses are known to conduct their business in a way that benefits the community they live in and care more about the impact they make on the society and environment than large corporations. Money does most good when it is kept local, and shopping local whenever possible is a great way to help your community grow and protect the planet.

How The Nommers is empowering Indian Home Chefs to Think Global and Shop Local.

When it comes to the Home Chef community in India, there is a wide variety of food across cultures and cuisines being prepared, and naturally this requires a myriad of different ingredients. Sourcing the materials for these mouth-watering concoctions is always a challenge for home chefs who might not be trained in sourcing and supply chain management of local vendors.
Even the more socially conscious home chefs who have every intention of supporting local stores and vendors often find themselves having to rely on larger suppliers and retail chains due to the convenience and variety they offer or because of lack of knowledge on how to manage and go about the alternative.
We, at the Nommers, are helping close this gap by connecting Home Chefs with local vendors. This means easy access to supplies the Home Chef needs to make their magic, and a steady stream of hungry customers for the vendors.

TasteMaker, Meet Sourcerer!

This connection between Tastemakers and Sorcerers is mutually beneficial and aids local vendors helping them remain up-to-speed in the Digital age. The Nommers team assists them with logistics, packaging and orders in addition to providing them with new customers in the form of our TasteMakers. With a hungry community of food-enthusiasts, eager to look out for each other - the buyers (customers) and home chefs are the kind of socially conscious individuals who would love to support local vendors, and with the ease and the convenience of doing so with The Nommers platform, they have no reason not to! If you are a Sourcerer interested in sharing what you have to offer with a wider audience, the Nomsterverse is the perfect place for you! Get in touch with us at for more information. :)

16th September, 2021

Completing The Food Loop

Hello, world!

It’s us again! 

We’ve hydrated ourselves and licked the Cheeto dust off our fingers - which means we’re all set to tap-tap away at our keyboards and talk about what’s cooking in the world of all things food. (We’ll pack in a bunch of food-puns, as usual! So, if you’re someone with potatoes for eyes - be sure to keep them peeled!)
On today's menu, we’re going to look at something that’s extremely close to our hearts - the beautiful, one-of-a-kind Food Ecosystem. Not to be confused with The Food Chain, which features a host of creepy crawlies and ferocious wildcats, the food ecosystem is less of an AAAA! And more of an ‘aww’.

But before we look at what exactly the ecosystem is, let’s look at who it’s made of

16th September, 2021

Redefining what it means to be a Home Chef 

Hello Nommers! 

It’s exercise time! Don’t worry, this is a push-up free zone. 
Instead, we’re going to perform a simple, visual activity. 
Ready? Here we go.

Breathe in. Breathe out. 
Now, gently close your eyes. 
Wait...you can’t read this if you close your eyes.
Okay, keep them open then. 
(We’re figuring this out as we go, clearly!)

But the core of the exercise is this - simply think of what comes to mind when we say the words "Home Chef"? 

Maybe it's the aroma of your childhood? 
Or the neatly packed dabba that used to tide you through the horrors of hostel days.  Gifts from a kind neighbour, delivered with a smile. 
Or the joy of finding the comforting flavours of your homeland, in a far off land where you least expect them.

It’s absolutely beautiful! 

But, what if we told you there’s a whole world to the Home Chef Scene beyond what you just imagined

Don't get us wrong.
  Tradition, flavour and comfort is a huge, huge part of the magic of home cooking. But, the stereotype has gone a little stale. We're in the midst of witnessing the reinvention of the Home Cook. 

The kitchen is not just a place for the grandmother archetype any more. (She can spend her time skydiving instead).
Meanwhile, we're seeing people across ages, backgrounds and genders take over the kitchen.

From uncovering recipes that pass down as family secrets, to mad-scientist like concoctions, created by pairing together things that most people might have been vehemently against. The rules of the kitchen are being rewritten everyday.  We're seeing students starting booming bakeries on Instagram and Corporate powerhouses leaving behind millions to pursue their culinary dreams .  We're seeing home chefs in pirate costumes making cooking videos on YouTube.
There are so many new and interesting ways to be a home chef , that those two glorious words now mean more than they ever did.  Which also means it's a wonderfully exciting time to be a foodie! 
Ordering from a home chef isn't just a way to satisfy your hunger, it's an experience in and of itself! From reading their story, to discovering their menus, to waiting for the food to arrive — every step of the process is exciting and unique. Intimate, personalized, educational, and just plain delicious! 

We welcome home chefs of all kinds into our Nomsterverse — the traditional, the experimental, and the magical!
Our curated list of Home Chefs features cooks who blend the skill, technique and talent of professional chefs with their own unique flavour of individuality, authenticity and rebellion. The result, we believe, is nothing short of art on a plate, delivered to your door. 
Stop drooling all over your screen! 
Download the Nommers App and experience the evolution of Home Cooked food!